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3 Tier Quarter Laying Cage

The 3 Tier Quarter Cage is supplied complete with two nipples and drip cups per partition, 0.8mm galvanised feed troughs, support frame and two header tanks with low pressure float valve. This cage is designed to house up to 30 commercial layers, based on 5 layers per partition. An estimated 6 eggs expectancy per bird per week, possibility of an estimated 180 eggs per week production. This unit is for indoor use, is small and compact with no need to construct expensive structures. They are available to load either unassembled with an easy to follow assembly manual, or fully assembled from our premises. Full range available also includes cages for 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 commercial layers (expandable)


Capacity : 30 Commercial layers per unit
Water Pressure : Created by header tank
Length : 1.04m
Width : 1.10m
Height: 2.30m